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Getting Started with Unity 5

By : Dr. Edward Lavieri
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Getting Started with Unity 5

By: Dr. Edward Lavieri

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C# programming primer

C# is a comprehensive programming language. Teaching you how to use this language is beyond the scope of this book. I'll provide enough information in this section so that you can understand the custom scripts we'll be writing for our game.


For a deeper understanding of how to program using the C# language, you can use one of the many books available from Packt Publishing on the subject.

C# is both a function-based and object-oriented language. Functions are reusable sections of code that we script. For example, if we create a script called feedPig, it might handle transferring water and corn from Colt to a pig. Since we have multiple pigs in our game, this function would probably get used a lot.

As I've mentioned, C# is also an object-oriented programming (OOP) language. OOP languages use classes, which are sets of data and functions. If we have a babyChick class, for example, that class can hold data on how much corn the baby chick has eaten. That same class can...