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Getting Started with Unity 5

By : Dr. Edward Lavieri
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Getting Started with Unity 5

By: Dr. Edward Lavieri

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Scripting our game

Before we dive into scripting our game, we need to do a little planning. We will look at what we want to script and what events we want to trigger those scripts. We'll also determine what our data needs are. Since our game is relatively simple, this will not be a difficult set of tasks.

Script planning

Let's review our game's design to determine what needs to be scripted. We know that the primary action a user will take is to navigate the player character in the game environment. As you've already seen, this has been taken care of for us by Unity. This functionality is already in place with no other programming required.

We'll need to plan for events regarding the player gathering corn and water and feeding the animals.

Gathering corn

We've designed our game so that the player character can collect corn and feed it to the farm animals. The way we will accomplish this is to detect when the player character and the corn game objects collide. While that collision is taking place...