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Raspberry Pi Gaming

By : Shea Silverman
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Raspberry Pi Gaming

By: Shea Silverman

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Open Arena

What PrBoom is to Doom, Open Arena is to Quake 3 Arena. Quake 3 Arena is another innovator of the FPS genre. It helped launch a hugely competitive multiplayer environment as well as a race for a better graphics card to churn out more frames per second. The Quake 3 engine has been used for a staggering number of games. Since id Software open sourced the engine, it is capable of running on the Raspberry Pi. Open Arena is a project to develop a completely free version of Quake 3 Arena. Using entirely new sprites, 3D models, textures, and levels, anyone can download Open Arena to their computer and play for free.


Open Arena is available on the Raspberry Pi App Store. Make use of the following steps to install Open Arena:

  1. From the command line, enter startx to launch the desktop environment.

  2. From the desktop, launch the Pi Store application by double-clicking on the Pi Store icon.

  3. At the top-right of the application, there will be a login link. Click the link and log in with...