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Stencyl Essentials

By : Richard Sneyd
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Stencyl Essentials

By: Richard Sneyd

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Stencyl Essentials
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Downloading and installing Stencyl

Stencyl can very easily be downloaded free of charge from the official Stencyl website, When you visit the landing page, you will see something that resembles the following screenshot:

Click on the Download button, which is prominently displayed on the landing page. You will then be given the option to download either a Windows, Mac, or Linux build:

Simply select the appropriate build for your operating system, and click on Download. This could take anywhere from 20 seconds to 20 minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of the particular Stencyl build you are downloading. Once the file is downloaded, launch the installer (if you are installing for Windows), follow all of the prompts, and when the installation is completed, you will have the option to launch Stencyl. If you have downloaded the Mac version, you will have to extract the stencyl-full folder from the downloaded ZIP file, then put it in the Applications directory for it to become useable. Once you have completed the appropriate steps, launch Stencyl.


For Linux users, the installation process may be a little more complicated. It is beyond the scope of this book to delve into such particulars. However, there is an excellent guide to the Ubuntu installation on the Stencyl website itself, which is available at