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Stencyl Essentials

By : Richard Sneyd
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Stencyl Essentials

By: Richard Sneyd

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Stencyl Essentials
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Mobile publishing and monetization

The Proof of Concept (POC) game prototype we developed in this book was conceptualized, from the ground up, to lend itself to both mobile and desktop targets. The gameplay and interface, however, are certainly more suited to the conventions of the casual mobile market, so we will focus on this publishing option. Mobile publishing also happens to be the most popular first choice for fledgling game developers, largely due to the low barriers to entry as well as the comparatively shorter development cycle required to create a quality mobile game, as opposed to a quality desktop game.

The two principle mobile platforms to which you may wish to publish your Stencyl creations are:

  • iOS: Publishing to iOS requires that you have a developer's license with Apple, which, at time of writing, stands at $99 per year. It is also necessary to purchase at least one modern Apple device for testing purposes but, preferably, you would have a modern version of both an iPhone...