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Stencyl Essentials

By : Richard Sneyd
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Stencyl Essentials

By: Richard Sneyd

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Stencyl Essentials
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Adding our first actor

Let's begin by adding the avatar, which will symbolize the player in the game, in game development parlance. The actor that represents the player in-game is generally referred to by the acronym PC (Player Character). Having established this, we will use this abbreviation from time to time henceforth. Perform the following steps for adding our first actor:

  1. Go to the Dashboard, and take a look at the now familiar RESOURCES pane on the left-hand side of the screen. Select Actor Types, which just so happens to be at the top of the list, as shown in the following screenshot:

  2. You can see that there is a cut-out styled button in the main view that contains the text This game contains no Actor Types. Click here to create one. Do as it says, and the Create New… window will pop up, as shown in the following screenshot. We are not complete strangers to this window, as it is the same window we used to create our Backgrounds, foreground, and Tilesets in Chapter 3, Backgrounds and...