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Android Game Programming by Example

By : John Horton
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Android Game Programming by Example

By: John Horton

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Android Game Programming by Example
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Platformer – Guns, Life, Money, and the Enemy

Finishing touches

We can continue to improve our game. For example, it wouldn't be too hard to spawn two or three smaller asteroids when the current asteroid is destroyed. We just need an array to hold the smaller asteroids. When we deactivate the regular asteroid, the array activates some previously instantiated smaller ones at the same location as the regular one. We can then make some minor modifications to the way we count asteroids, and we will have a neat new feature.

The arcade classic, Asteroids, had a mean UFO that would turn up occasionally. It would be simple to design a UFO shape from lines, and have it randomly proceed from left to right, or right to left, moving up and down a bit as well.

Finally, we can add a hyperspace button. This is a kind of last resort for the player when they are sure that death is imminent. Tap the hyperspace button and the ship will respawn in a random location. We will just need to add a button to the array in the InputController class and a call to...