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Android Game Programming by Example

By : John Horton
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Android Game Programming by Example

By: John Horton

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Android Game Programming by Example
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Platformer – Guns, Life, Money, and the Enemy

Chapter 8. Platformer – Putting It All Together

Finally, we will make the bullets do some damage. The ricochet sound is very satisfying when the bullets energy is absorbed by a clump of grass. We will add an abundance of new platform types and inanimate scenery objects to make our levels more interesting. We will provide a real sense of motion and immersion by implementing multiple scrolling parallax backgrounds.

We will also add an animated fire tile for the player to avoid, and in addition, a special Teleport class to link levels together into one playable game. Then, we will use all of our game objects and backgrounds to create four, linked, and fully playable levels.

Then, we will add a HUD to keep track of pickups and lives. Finally, we will discuss some of the neat things that couldn't be fitted into this project in just four chapters.