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Python Game Programming By Example

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Python Game Programming By Example

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Python Game Programming By Example
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Gravitation game

To put into practice what you have learned about steering behaviors, we will build a basic game. The player's objective is to collect some pickup items that rotate around different planets placed in the world, while escaping from enemies. The enemies are non-playable characters that seek the playable character and avoid the planets.

We will represent the characters as particle systems, and the final version of the game will look like this:

Basic game objects

As usual, we will define a base class that wraps the access to the CircleShape attribute with the updated center:

from cocos.cocosnode import CocosNode
from cocos.director import director
import cocos.collision_model as cm

class Actor(CocosNode):
    def __init__(self, x, y, r):
        super(Actor, self).__init__()
        self.position = (x, y)
        self._cshape = cm.CircleShape(self.position, r)

    def cshape(self): = eu.Vector2(self.x, self.y)
        return self._cshape...