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Python Game Programming By Example

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Python Game Programming By Example

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Python Game Programming By Example
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While analyzing a game of checkers, we encountered several fundamental aspects of computer vision in the following tasks:

  • Capturing images from a camera

  • Performing computations on color and grayscale data

  • Detecting and recognizing a set of features (the corners of the board's squares)

  • Tracking movements of the features

  • Simulating a different perspective (a bird's-eye view of the board)

  • Classifying the regions of the image (the contents of the board's squares)

We also set up and used OpenCV and other libraries. Having built a complete application using these libraries, you are in a better position to understand the potential of computer vision and plan further studies and projects in this field.

This chapter also concludes our journey together in Python Game Programming by Example. We built modern versions of classic video games as well as an analyzer for a classic board game. Along the way, you gained practical experience in many of the major game engines, graphics APIs, GUI frameworks,...