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iOS Game Development By Example

By : Samanyu Chopra
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iOS Game Development By Example

By: Samanyu Chopra

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Game development has always been an exciting subject for game enthusiasts and players and iOS game development takes a big piece of this cake in terms of perpetuating growth and creativity. With the newest version of iOS and Sprite Kit, comes a series of breathtaking features such as Metal rendering support, camera nodes, and a new and improved Scene Editor. Conceptualizing a game is a dream for both young and old. Sprite Kit is an exciting framework supported by Apple within the iOS development environment. With Sprite Kit, creating stunning games has become an easy avenue. Starting with the basics of game development and swift language, this book will guide you to create your own fully functional game. Dive in and learn how to build and deploy a game on your iOS platform using Sprite Kit game engine. Go on a detailed journey of game development on the iOS platform using the Sprite Kit game engine. Learn about various features implemented in iOS 8 that further increase the essence of game development using Sprite Kit. Build an endless runner game and implement features like physics bodies, character animations, scoring and other essential elements in a game. You will successfully conceive a 2D game along with discovering the path to reach the pinnacle of iOS game development. By the end of the book, you will not only have created an endless runner game but also have in-depth knowledge of creating larger games on the iOS platform. Style and approach An easy-to-follow, comprehensive guide that makes your learning experience more intriguing by gradually developing a Sprite Kit game. This book discusses each topic in detail making sure you attain a clear vision of the subject.
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iOS Game Development By Example
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Chapter 1. An Introduction to Sprite Kit

In this book we will be discussing about iOS game development using Sprite Kit. We will be taking a fun approach and shall make an actual 2D platform game on the iPhone in the process. We are going to develop a 2D (two dimensional) game; a game which relies on only two coordinates. Some famous 2D games include Mario, Hill Climb Racing, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and so on.

A 2D game only deals with two dimensions along x and y axes (left/right and up/down) but not along the z axis (forward/backward). So basically, players cannot rotate or move the camera freely in a 3D space to view objects from other angles and perspectives. Although there are exceptions such as 2.5D games; we will be talking about that in later chapters. So, let's not keep things waiting and dive into the book.