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Unity 5.x By Example

By : Alan Thorn
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Unity 5.x By Example

By: Alan Thorn

Overview of this book

Unity is an exciting and popular engine in the game industry. Throughout this book, you’ll learn how to use Unity by making four fun game projects, from shooters and platformers to exploration and adventure games. Unity 5 By Example is an easy-to-follow guide for quickly learning how to use Unity in practical context, step by step, by making real-world game projects. Even if you have no previous experience of Unity, this book will help you understand the toolset in depth. You'll learn how to create a time-critical collection game, a twin-stick space shooter, a platformer, and an action-fest game with intelligent enemies. In clear and accessible prose, this book will present you with step-by-step tutorials for making four interesting games in Unity 5 and explain all the fundamental concepts along the way. Starting from the ground up and moving toward an intermediate level, this book will help you establish a strong foundation in making games with Unity 5.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
Unity 5.x By Example
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NPCs and quests

NPC stands for Non-player Character and typically refers to any friendly or neutral characters other than the player-controlled character. In our adventure, Level 3 should feature an NPC character standing outside their house, and they provide us with a quest; specifically, to collect a gem item from Level 2, which features many hazards, including pits and gun turrets, as we've seen. To create the NPC character, we'll simply duplicate the player and adjust the character color, making them appear distinct. Thus, simply drag and drop the Player prefab from the Project panel to the Level 2 scene and position it near the house area. Then, remove all additional components (such as the Player Controller and Collider) to return this character back to a standard sprite that is not player-controlled. See Figure 6.34:

Figure 6.34: Creating an NPC from the player character prefab

Now, let's invert the character's X scale to make him or her face left instead of right. Select the parent...