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Gamification with Unity 5.x

By : Lauren S. Ferro
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Gamification with Unity 5.x

By: Lauren S. Ferro

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Are you looking at implementing gamification techniques for your business and wondering where to get a complete rundown of all the tricks and techniques? Well, you have come to the right place! This book will start right from the basics such as gameplay elements and their functionalities before gradually moving onto creating your first gamification project from scratch. You’ll be given the tools and shown how to perform various techniques for creating gamified applications in different contexts. Finally, you will implement various game elements into Unity, publish your own task management application, and get to know the best practices and approaches when designing gamified experiences.
Table of Contents (16 chapters)
Gamification with Unity 5.x
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Designing the application

The project that we will be developing is a 2D application for increasing the productivity of an individual. Now, what productivity is related to is relative, so ultimately feel free to associate it with anything from house chores to arriving at work on time. We are leaving it pretty open-ended so it is possible to target various types of productivity and not any single one in particular. It might even be useful to create a mind map such as the following figure to get some ideas flowing. Remember to include any thoughts that you have, because we can fine tune it later:

For now, if you can't think of some interesting ideas for your application, I encourage you to go through the previous chapters. For example, maybe it is worth going through some Pinterest boards to look for some cool ideas to create a fitness application. Maybe you already have an idea but would like to create it in a particular way, so it's just a matter of organizing your thoughts. You might even...