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Gamification with Unity 5.x

By : Lauren S. Ferro
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Gamification with Unity 5.x

By: Lauren S. Ferro

Overview of this book

Are you looking at implementing gamification techniques for your business and wondering where to get a complete rundown of all the tricks and techniques? Well, you have come to the right place! This book will start right from the basics such as gameplay elements and their functionalities before gradually moving onto creating your first gamification project from scratch. You’ll be given the tools and shown how to perform various techniques for creating gamified applications in different contexts. Finally, you will implement various game elements into Unity, publish your own task management application, and get to know the best practices and approaches when designing gamified experiences.
Table of Contents (16 chapters)
Gamification with Unity 5.x
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Getting it ready to publish

So, you have finally finished making your game, and it is now time to hit the publish button...but wait! There are a number of things that you need have done before publishing, despite how tempting it is to unleash your game out there in the wilderness.

Don't be modest, promote your game!

Don't wait until you have published your game before you start telling people about it. Think about a marketing plan early on and get the ball rolling and the conversation started. Social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even blogs if you don't have a website, are useful platforms to utilize.

While there is still time before you publish your game, starting early will make the most impact. This section will briefly explain a range of different social networking services and ways to utilize their features as part of your marketing strategies.

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