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Practical Game AI Programming

By : Micael DaGraça
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Practical Game AI Programming

By: Micael DaGraça

Overview of this book

The book starts with the basics examples of AI for different game genres and directly jumps into defining the probabilities and possibilities of the AI character to determine character movement. Next, you’ll learn how AI characters should behave within the environment created. Moving on, you’ll explore how to work with animations. You’ll also plan and create pruning strategies, and create Theta algorithms to find short and realistic looking game paths. Next, you’ll learn how the AI should behave when there is a lot of characters in the same scene. You'll explore which methods and algorithms, such as possibility maps, Forward Chaining Plan, Rete Algorithm, Pruning Strategies, Wall Distances, and Map Preprocess Implementation should be used on different occasions. You’ll discover how to overcome some limitations, and how to deliver a better experience to the player. By the end of the book, you think differently about AI.
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Navigation Behavior and Pathfinding
AI Planning and Collision Avoidance

About tactics

The tactics is the process that the character or a group of characters take in order to achieve certain objectives. It usually means that the characters can use all of their abilities, choosing the best ones depending on the situations, to defeat the opponent. The concept of tactics in video games is to give to the AI the power of decision, making him behave smartly while trying to reach the main goal. We can compare this to the tactics that are used by the soldiers or police officers in order to catch the bad guys of the real world.

They have a wide array of technology and human resources to catch a bandit, but in order to accomplish that task with success they need to choose wisely what they are going to do, step by step. The same principles can be applied to our AI characters; we can make them choose the best options available in order to accomplish their objective.

To create this, we can use every topic that was covered before in this book and with that, we are able to develop...