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Getting Started with React VR

By : John Gwinner
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Getting Started with React VR

By: John Gwinner

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This book takes you on a journey to create intuitive and interactive Virtual Reality experiences by creating your first VR application using React VR 2.0.0. It starts by getting you up to speed with Virtual Reality (VR) and React VR components. It teaches you what Virtual Reality (VR) really is, why it works, how to describe 3D objects, the installation of Node.js (version 9.2.0) and WebVR browser. You will learn 3D polygon modeling, texturing, animating virtual objects and adding sound to your VR world. You will also discover ways to extend React VR with new features and native Three.js. You will learn how to include existing high-performance web code into your VR app. This book will also take you through upgrading and publishing your app. By the end of this book, you'll have a deep knowledge of Virtual Reality and a full-fledged working VR app to add to your profile!
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We learned how to build animations both by procedurally changing an object's position and by using the more advanced methods of using timers and the Animated API. We dramatically saw what happens if we use the wrong <View> to animate, and developed a way to make objects animate forever. The Energizer bunny will be proud. We also added sound, which is a very important thing for virtual worlds.

There is a lot you can do with timers; I highly recommend that you study the online documentation and experiment!

So far, we have stayed within React VR. Sometimes, there are things we need to do that React doesn't allow us to do. In the next chapter, we'll go Native (native React, that is)!

Can someone turn off that boiling pot?