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Building an RPG with Unity 2018 - Second Edition

By : Vahé Karamian
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Building an RPG with Unity 2018 - Second Edition

By: Vahé Karamian

Overview of this book

In a role-playing game (RPG), users control a character, usually in the game's imaginary universe. Unity has become a top choice for developers looking to create these kinds of immersive RPGs. Building an RPG with Unity 2018, based on building some of the most common RPG features, teaches you tips, tricks, and techniques that can be applied to your own game. To start with, the book guides you through the fundamentals of role-playing games. You will learn the necessary aspects of building an RPG, such as structuring the game environment, customizing characters, controlling the camera, and designing other attributes such as inventory and weapons. You will also explore designing game levels by adding more features. Once you have understood the bigger picture, you will understand how to tackle the obstacles of networking in Unity and implement multiplayer mode for your RPG games. By the end of the book, you will be able to build upon the core RPG framework elements to create your own immersive games.
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Existing or upcoming RPG games

This section of the book will take a look at some of the existing or upcoming RPGs on the market. The main idea behind this section is to provide you with a point of reference to multiple RPGs, as well as the game design implemented. It is also a good idea to research existing or upcoming games to get ideas for your own!

MU Legend

This is the sequel to a popular Korean MMORPG game. MU2 is a title that has been produced and published by Webzen Inc. The game is set on the mythical mainland of Mu which, as indicated by the hypothesis of James Churchward, was occupied by the antiquated human progress of Naacal.

Players expect the parts of saints looking for fortune, undertakings, and a few beasts to chase in this amazing domain. Game play in MU2 centers around powerful battle taking after regular hack-and-slice mechanics. Take a look at the following screenshot:

MU Legend

The game tells the story of a war between the god of light, Rugard, and the god of destruction known as Sekneum that raged for many years. It finished with the thrashing of the latter at the hand of Akneria, the Supreme Creator, yet the peace did not last long, and Sekneum acquired a human body and came back to the mortal world. In any case, the Great Mage Kundun saw through the fallen god's ruse and imprisoned him inside his own body. In any case, at last, he crumpled under Sekneum's strength and emerged as Dark Lord, expediting the world towards its end. This is where the players enter the world, going with the last sage, Icarus, as Devias Knights in a last endeavor to spare Mu from fast-approaching annihilation.

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Titan Siege

An allowed to-play MMORPG dream game including smaller-scale exchanges. The phenomenal setting of Titan Siege combines elements taken from Norse, Greek, and Egyptian folklore. The players take the parts of legends, who safeguard humankind from Titan groups taking up arms against each other. The journey begins with the character creation—the player can pick the sex, appearance, and battle details of his hero.

The game play expands on open-world investigation, finishing journeys allocated by NPCs, battling experienced adversaries, and building up the fundamental hero's aptitudes—this in the run of the mill MMORPG way. Throughout the game, the players acquire new things, such as captivated parchments, and bits of protective clothing, which help their characters during a fight. Travel through the immense areas can be accelerated by acquiring a steed. The two pets and inviting players can help us in fights. Players can likewise provoke us to a duel—the champ gets the hardware of the fallen legend. Take a look at the following screenshot:

The story in Titan Siege is set in a fantastical world, where elements of Norse, Greek, and Egyptian legends mix together to make a one-of-a-kind setting. The domain has turned into a combat zone, on which two groups of Titans take up arms against each other. Humankind chose to take matters in their own hands and proclaimed a war themselves, with the objective to put an end to the disarray caused by the Titans' war. Human armed forces are driven by saints—who are controlled by the players.

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Citadel: Forged with Fire

A multiplayer dream RPG created and distributed by Blue Isle. The generation is implied exclusively for online play and is sandbox in nature, giving players a chance to pick their own particular profession ways.

The players play the part of magical adepts and utilize their spell-learning to investigate a fantastical domain that is loaded with threats and privileged insights, traveling, building fortresses and attack vehicles, and challenging other individuals. Gamers can locate their own homes which are counterparts of organizations and sets up their principles. At that point, we can battle against comparable gatherings for impact, an area, and fortunes close by our confidants. The game-play mechanics are controlled by the material science motor, so the various accessible spells sensibly affect the articles in the earth. The game is more enjoyable due to the likelihood of flying. Take a look at the following screenshot: 

The activity is set in a fantastical domain known as Ignus and gives the players a chance to accept the part of arcane expressions adepts who set out looking for undertakings and magnificence. The diversion happens on a guide with a region of 36 square kilometers. It incorporates fields, thick timberlands, mountains, swamps, solidified tundra, and old demolishes that shroud significant fortunes and great curios.

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Cyberpunk 2077

A sci-fi RPG title in the style of a table-top Cyberpunk game. This game was produced by the CD Projekt RED studio. The story takes you to the year 2077, including in fact progressed, though defiled universe without bounds. The game is set in Night City, a place well known to devotees of the Cyberpunk universe, where dismal interests and insider facts flourish.

While investigating the game's open world, you take in the complex, multi-string story through various exchanges, which regularly force you to make difficult decisions. The classes and character movement framework, battle show, and additionally many in-game expansions were motivated of the first pretending framework. The visual side of the game is based on an upgraded form of Red Engine. Take a look at the following screenshot:

Cyberpunk 2077 highlights an intense and develop approach towards the theme, drawing motivation from preparations, for example, Blade Runner. The title itself transports us to the year 2077 and presents us with a dream without bounds world, horrid and loaded with interest; the move of the title makes put in the famous Night City, which the fanatics of the Cyberpunk framework will as of now be acquainted with. Curiously, the CD Projekt RED studio has chosen to fabricate the amusement around the open world game play demonstrate, which enables the players to unreservedly investigate the world and finish side missions at whatever point they want. You can find more information at