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Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity 2019. - Fourth Edition

By : Harrison Ferrone
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Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity 2019. - Fourth Edition

By: Harrison Ferrone

Overview of this book

Learning to program in today’s technical landscape can be a daunting task, especially when faced with the sheer number of languages you have to choose from. Luckily, Learning C# with Unity 2019 removes the guesswork and starts you off on the path to becoming a confident, and competent, programmer using game development with Unity. You’ll start off small by learning the building blocks of programming, from variables, methods, and conditional statements to classes and object-oriented systems. After you have the basics under your belt you’ll explore the Unity interface, creating C# scripts, and translating your newfound knowledge into simple game mechanics. Throughout this journey, you’ll get hands-on experience with programming best practices and macro-level topics such as manager classes and flexible application architecture. By the end of the book, you’ll be familiar with intermediate C# topics like generics, delegates, and events, setting you up to take on projects of your own.
Table of Contents (20 chapters)
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Section 1: Programming Foundations and C#
Section 2: Scripting Game Mechanics in Unity
Section 3: Leveling Up Your C# Code

Player Polish

At this point, we have several scripts working together to give players access to movement, jumping, collecting, and shooting mechanics. However, we're still missing any kind of display or visual cue that shows our player's stats, as well as a way to win and lose the game. We'll focus on these two topics as we close out this last section.

Graphical User Interfaces

User interfaces, commonly referred to as UI, are the visual components of any computer system. The mouse cursor, folder icons, and programs on your laptop are all UI elements. For our game, we want a simple display to let our players know how many items they've collected, their current health, and a text box to give them updates when certain events happen.

UI elements in Unity can be added in two ways:

  • Directly from the Create menu in the Hierarchy panel like any other GameObject.
  • Using the built-in GUI class in code.