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Sculpting the Blender Way

By : Xury Greer
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Sculpting the Blender Way

By: Xury Greer

Overview of this book

Sculpting the Blender Way is a detailed step-by-step guide for creating digital art with the latest Blender 3D sculpting features. With over 400 reference images, 18 Sculpting in Action videos, and dozens of 3D sculpture example files, this book is an invaluable resource for traditional and digital sculptors looking to try their hand at sculpting in Blender. The first part of the book will teach you how to navigate Blender's user interface and familiarize yourself with the core workflows, as well as gain an understanding of how the sculpting features work, including basic sculpting, Dyntopo, the Voxel Remesher, QuadriFlow, and Multiresolution. You’ll also learn about a wide range of brushes and all of the latest additions to the sculpting feature set, such as Face Sets, Mesh Filters, and the Cloth brush. The next chapters will show you how to customize these brushes and features to create fantastic 3D sculptures that you can share with the ever-growing Blender community. By the end of this book, you'll have gained a complete understanding of the core sculpting workflows and be able to use Blender to bring your digital characters to life.
Table of Contents (12 chapters)

Creating long flowing hair with curves

The final way we can create hair for our sculptures is by using curves. Curves are sometimes known as splines, NURBS paths, or Bézier curves. These objects are made up of a small number of control points that we place in 3D space with our transform tools. Blender connects these control points together with smooth lines, which creates mathematically perfect curvature that would otherwise be difficult to make by hand.

We can give these curves thickness with a bevel profile, which can be used to make patterns that look like hair strands. This technique is excellent for making long hair. In this section, we will take a quick look at how to create a strand of stylized hair with curves, which you can use for your characters.

Getting ready

For this section, we will keep it simple and create our hair curves in a fresh .blend file.

Launch Blender and choose File | New | General to create a new Blender project. Remove the default cube object...