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Godot 4 Game Development Projects - Second Edition

By : Chris Bradfield
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Godot 4 Game Development Projects - Second Edition

By: Chris Bradfield

Overview of this book

The Godot 4 Game Development Projects book introduces the Godot game engine and its feature-rich 4.0 version. With an array of new capabilities, Godot 4.0 is a strong alternative to expensive commercial game engines. If you’re a beginner, this user-friendly book will help you learn game development techniques, while experienced developers will understand how to use this powerful and customizable tool to bring their creative visions to life. This updated edition consists of five projects with more emphasis on the 3D capabilities of the engine that will help you build on your foundation-level skills by showing you how to create small-scale game projects. Along the way, you’ll gain insights into Godot’s inner workings and discover important game development techniques that you can apply to your own projects. Using a straightforward, step-by-step approach and practical examples, this Godot book covers everything from the absolute basics to sophisticated game physics, animations, and much more. Upon completing the final project, you’ll have a strong foundation for future success with Godot 4.0 and be ready to develop a variety of games and game systems.
Table of Contents (10 chapters)

Scripting in Godot

Godot provides two official languages for scripting nodes: GDScript and C#. GDScript is the dedicated built-in language, providing the tightest integration with the engine, and is the most straightforward to use. For those that are already familiar or proficient with C#, you can download a version that supports that language.

In addition to the two supported languages, Godot itself is written in C++, and you can get even more performance and control by extending the engine’s functionality directly. See Additional topics in Chapter 7 for information on using other languages and extending the engine.

All the games in this book will use GDScript. For the majority of projects, GDScript is the best choice of language. It is tightly integrated with Godot’s Application Programming Interface (API) and is designed for rapid development.

About GDScript

GDScript’s syntax is very closely modeled on the Python language. If you are familiar with...