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EVE Online: ISK Strategy Guide

By : Y Michael Xu, Y. Michael Xu
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EVE Online: ISK Strategy Guide

By: Y Michael Xu, Y. Michael Xu

Overview of this book

New Eden, a universe of beauty, destruction and unlimited potential. Take on the role of a capsuleer and forge a story and empire that spans vast regions of space that is uniquely your own. But in order to forge your story and empire, it takes ISK and lots of it. The ISK Making Guide to EVE Online teaches you the inner workings of each ISK making career choice. Learn the tricks of the pros and avoid the hidden pitfalls that await you at every turn. Learn from the experience of a seasoned EVE veteran. Starting with the more easily accessible career choices and moving on to the careers only available to the experienced capsuleers, this book takes you step-by-step as your story unfolds. Help determine the path of EVE by taking on careers like Mining and Manufacturing, the backbone of New Eden or help your empire rise above the rest by Running Missions for the corporations of your empire. The ISK Making Guide to EVE Online gives you a jump start and walks you through every ISK making career choice.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)

Planetary Command Center upgrade levels

The Planetary Command Center is the heart of any PI colony; without it you will not be able to access any of the resources on the planet. Here are all the upgrades you can apply to your Planetary Command Centers:

Skill level

Storage capacity



Upgrade cost


500 m3

6,000 MW

1,675 tf



500 m3

9,000 MW

7,057 tf

580,000 ISK


500 m3

12,000 MW

12,136 tf

930,000 ISK


500 m3

14,000 MW

17,215 tf

1,200,000 ISK


500 m3

17,000 MW

21,315 tf

1,500,000 ISK


500 m3

19,000 MW

25,415 tf

2,100,000 ISK