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HTML5 Game Development Hotshot

By : Seng Hin Mak, Makzan Makzan (Mak Seng Hin)
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HTML5 Game Development Hotshot

By: Seng Hin Mak, Makzan Makzan (Mak Seng Hin)

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HTML5 Game Development HOTSHOT
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Saving and loading the game progress

In the task, we store the game progress locally. When a player loads the game, we use the world time to calculate the building construction.

Engage thrusters

We will use the following steps to store game parameters and load them at the initial stage:

  1. Create the saving function with the following code:

    game.autoSave = function() {
      if (cjs.Ticker.getTicks() % 100 === 0) {
        localStorage['city.coins'] = game.coins;
        localStorage[''] =;
        localStorage['city.buildinglist'] = JSON.stringify(game.buildingsList);
  2. Add the saving function to the ticker so that it can autosave:

    cjs.Ticker.addEventListener('tick', game.autoSave);
  3. Now, we can load the saved game using the following code:

    if (localStorage['city.buildinglist']) {
      game.buildingsList = JSON.parse(localStorage['city.buildinglist']);
    } else {
      game.buildingsList = [];
  4. When we initialize coins and diamonds, we load the values from the local storage:

    game.coins = localStorage...