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Unity Character Animation with Mecanim

By : Jamie Dean
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Unity Character Animation with Mecanim

By: Jamie Dean

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Game animation for independent developers has taken a giant leap forward with Unity 5's Mecanim toolset, which streamlines the import/export, retargeting, and many other aspects of the character animation workflow. Unity Character Animation with Mecanim is a great primer for getting to know the nuts and bolts of Mecanim and other character animation related tools in Unity 5. It offers you step-by-step instructions for preparing and exporting rigged models and animation sequences from commonly used 3D packages, such as Maya, 3ds Max and Blender. This book explores the new set of animation tools introduced with Mecanim in Unity 5. Approaching its subject matter through a typical genre–a zombie action game, character animation techniques are explored using real examples of player input and interaction, enemy behavior, and other aspects of game dynamics. As the book progresses, the reader will understand how these elements fit together in a small game development workflow. We will begin with a demonstration of the process of getting a rigged character into Unity 5 and setting it up to use provided animation sequences. We will also consider a few industry standard 3D packages and how these can be used to rig a humanoid character for use in Unity 5. We will demonstrate the retargeting capabilities of Mecanim’s Humanoid Animation type by adjusting motion sequences to fit disparate character types in our game. After this, we will look at Ragdoll physics and the implementation of this commonly used technique in a Mecanim workflow. The book culminates with a thorough dissection of the enemy character AI script incorporating the Mecanim elements detailed in the previous chapters. Unity Character Animation with Mecanim will provide you with a detailed exploration of the interaction between game development and character animation, and will broaden your understanding of the rich animation toolset within Unity 5
Table of Contents (16 chapters)
Unity Character Animation with Mecanim
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Shaad Boochoon was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago. He studied systems engineering at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, Canada. After working in software development, he decided to enter the video game industry and did visual and creative arts. He is a post-graduate in game level design at Sheridan College in Toronto, Canada. Shaad is currently a lead game designer at Vertical Depth Studios in Toronto.

Ashley Egan is an animation artist living in Chicago, Illinois with her cat, Charlie. She attended Columbia College Chicago and received her bachelors of arts in game design with a specialization in game art. From motion capture to game engines, Ashley strives to learn about different animation software and tools.

Brian Gatt is a software developer who holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and artificial intelligence from the University of Malta and a master's degree in computer games and entertainment from Goldsmiths, University of London. Having initially dabbled with OpenGL at university, he has since developed an interest in graphics programming. In his spare time, he likes to keep up with the latest graphic APIs, native C++ programming, and game development techniques.

Adam Ormsby is a technical game designer currently developing games for PC and mobile platforms using the Unity engine. His main work is designing and implementing gameplay systems, and he has developed a special love for scripting character and environment animation behaviors using Mecanim.

Adam is a member of The MecWarriors, a group of talented developers whose goal is to build time-saving plugins and packages for Mecanim. They write Mecanim tutorials on their blog at, and they'd love for you to visit.