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Gideros Mobile Game Development

By : Arturs Sosins
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Gideros Mobile Game Development

By: Arturs Sosins

Overview of this book

Have you ever had an interesting idea for a mobile game? Have you ever wanted to jump on the mobile app bandwagon? Developing a mobile game has never been so fun and easy, and with the vast amount of smartphone users, it may also become a profitable thing to do. Gideros is a Lua-based framework that facilitates effortless native iOS and Android application development along with hardware acceleration. Gideros also comes with a built-in box2D physics engine and extended memory management features to make mobile game development a breeze. Gideros Mobile Game Development shows you how to develop an original and exciting game in Gideros, helping you create your very first project and guiding you through the configuration of settings and assets to help you target devices with different resolutions. This book teaches you everything you need to know about Gideros, from installing Gideros on your operating system to creating and efficiently managing your Gideros projects and creating your very first game, all with the help of well explained examples. You will learn how to quickly create game prototypes in Gideros, how to test and set up projects to automatically target devices with different resolutions, and how to polish your prototype with animations, sounds, tweens, and even physics to create your very first cross-platform game. By the end of this book, you will have learned everything you need to create visually stunning physics and exciting cross-platform games using Gideros.
Table of Contents (12 chapters)

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John Andria is an author, designer, and entrepreneur.

He writes about lifestyle design, personal development, and career building. In his eyes app development is just one piece of a bigger picture. You can find his artworks and app development writings at

His life projects involve psychology, persuasion, and behavioral change researches. He currently helps social gaming companies to enter the Japanese market—and he understands what drives and engages the people there. His works, writings and children's books, have been translated and featured all over the world.

As a storyteller, he saw an opportunity in the mobile devices revolution and decided to experiment with this media as an indie developer first; but he is now getting even more involved as a publisher.

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Anthony Ball describes himself as a coder. He has worked in the computer industry since the 1980s. During this time he has witten games published by Capcom, Rare/Zippo Games, US Gold, Tiertex, MB Games, and Psygnosis.

He reverse engineered both the Sony PSX and the Sega Dreamcast, creating various Arcade emulators, programming systems, and development kits for them.

He created ReportComplete, the market leading end-of-term school reports system, used by around 1,400 schools and 12,000 teachers.

With the advent of Gideros, he returned to developing video games to create Bacteria™ Arcade Edition—his first game in over twenty years. It's available on iOS, Android, and Ouya.

On reading Gideros Mobile Game Development. Anthony said, "Nothing like this book or development kit was available when I started writing video games, I wish it had been though! It takes you from installing Gideros to coding a complete game that is actually commercially available. Recommended!"