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Direct3D Rendering Cookbook

By : Justin Stenning, Justin Stenning
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Direct3D Rendering Cookbook

By: Justin Stenning, Justin Stenning

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Direct3D Rendering Cookbook
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Preparing the swap chain for a Windows Store app

In this recipe, we will look at the code necessary to create a new class inheriting from the D3DApplicationBase class from Chapter 2, Rendering with Direct3D, that will prepare a swap chain description for use in a Windows Store app for Windows 8.1. We will also prepare a Windows Store compatible version of the Common library we have used throughout this book.

Getting ready

To target Windows 8.1, we need to use Visual Studio 2013.

Before commencing, we will need to have the SharpDX 11.2 WinRT binaries at hand. At the time of writing this book, this requires using the latest development package (2.5.1) found on the SharpDX webpage For the remainder of the chapter, we will assume that these can be located upon navigating to .\External\Bin\DirectX11_2-Signed-winrt under the solution location.


There exists a SharpDX NuGet package; however, at the time of writing this book, the package has not yet been updated for Windows...