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3D printing with RepRap Cookbook

By : Richard Salinas
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3D printing with RepRap Cookbook

By: Richard Salinas

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3D Printing with RepRap Cookbook
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Bridging with Slic3r

Slic3r is generally known to perform better bridging methods than Skeinforge. As we'll see in the following recipes, this holds true. We'll see how easy it is to achieve decent results printing a bridge 50 mm across!

First, we'll look at layer height. As we can see in the following example, a lower-print layer will generally give a better result:

For this reason, we'll be printing the following tests in this recipe with a 3 mm layer.

We'll also be experimenting with both ABS and PLA filament. Keep in mind that the filament isn't consistent in grade and the results may vary.

Getting ready

You'll need Slic3r and ABS and PLA filament. You'll also need to download the Bridge Torture Test from You'll also need the cube you made in the Wireframe modeling with TopMod recipe.

How to do it...

We will proceed as follows:

  1. Slice and print the Bridge Torture Test and cube using PLA and the default settings with your best cooling settings.

  2. Under Print Settings...