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3D printing with RepRap Cookbook

By : Richard Salinas
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3D printing with RepRap Cookbook

By: Richard Salinas

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3D Printing with RepRap Cookbook
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Using extruding options in TopMod

TopMod provides a library of seven different primitives. They are a series of geometric forms that are the simplest objects a 3D program can produce.

In this recipe, we're going to make some interesting forms by building them from a dodecahedron. We'll use two extrude tools: the Doo Sabin Extrude and Dome Extrude Modes. They can be seen respectively in the following circled icons:

Getting ready

You'll need to select the dodecahedron from the primitive's icon tray. Zoom to a comfortable work size.

Before we get started, let's look at the selection tools. These are called Selection Masks. We'll be using three out of the four available masks that are located in the icon tray under the program's menu. They can be seen in the following image:

From here, we'll be able to select three of the major components of a polygon mesh: vertices, faces, and edges, as show in the following image:

Click on any part of the model to select it and click and hold Ctrl to deselect it...