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3D printing with RepRap Cookbook

By : Richard Salinas
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3D printing with RepRap Cookbook

By: Richard Salinas

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3D Printing with RepRap Cookbook
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Repairing mesh geometry issues

In this recipe, we're going to work through the process of repairing non-manifold issues with the following tools:

  • netfabb Basic

  • Microsoft Repair Service

  • Autodesk 3D Print Utility

  • Meshmixer

Getting ready

You'll need to download netfabb from


This book uses netfabb Basic Version 5.1.1. It supports Windows XP/7/8, Linux, and Mac OS.

Follow the installation instructions and register the program. The netfabb interface is shown in the following screenshot:

The basic functions are similar to other 3D modeling programs. They are as follows:

  • To import a file, you can drag-and-drop it on the build platform.

  • To freely orbit around the model, right-click on it and drag.

  • To pan the model, hold down on the scroll wheel and drag. If you don't have a scroll wheel, hold Shift.

  • To zoom, turn the scroll wheel or hold Alt.

You'll also need a connection to the Internet to access the Microsoft Repair Service. The programs we used earlier...