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3D printing with RepRap Cookbook

By : Richard Salinas
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3D printing with RepRap Cookbook

By: Richard Salinas

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3D Printing with RepRap Cookbook
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Troubleshooting issues with the x, y, and z axes

The RepRap Mendel design is a basic Cartesian robot. It positions the extruder using three axes to calculate a point in space. There are many different frame designs that can achieve this. The Prusa Mendel design moves the build platform along the y axis and the extruder across the x axis. The entire x axis assembly is raised and lowered along the z axis. Belts, pulley bearings, and rods are necessary to achieve this movement. The primary visual difference between most 3D printers is what holds it all together. This is the frame, and it should be sturdy and well maintained.

In this recipe, we'll look at some issues that can affect this system and how we can keep it well maintained.

How to do it...

We will proceed as follows:

  1. The frame is what holds it all together. If the nuts and bolts loosen, the square of the frame may shift; circles will become ellipses, and precision parts might not fit together. It's very important to keep all of the fittings...