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Building Multicopter Video Drones

By : Ty Audronis
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Building Multicopter Video Drones

By: Ty Audronis

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Building Multicopter Video Drones
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Building the airframe

We've been tossing around the term airframe a lot. If you're not familiar with this term, you've probably guessed by now that when we say "airframe" we mean the chassis of the aircraft. You've also probably gleaned that strength and rigidity are key for the airframe. We don't want any play, flex, or floppiness in the aircraft (while keeping the weight as light as possible).

With all of that understood, it's important to follow the directions when putting together your airframe. I know … it sounds obvious. You'd be surprised though. Never get lazy when building and maintaining your airframe.

Here are a few tips to keep all your parts together, and never feel like saying "ah … we don't need that":

  • Set up your assembly where you can work on it for several days without moving it:

    • Dining room tables are bad. Where will you eat? Plus it will upset your spouse/partner/roommates … trust me.

    • A good direct light source is a must!

  • Never set up your assembly on carpeted area:

    • Little screws...