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Learning Robotics using Python

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Learning Robotics using Python

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Learning Robotics Using Python
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The Requirements of a service robot

Before designing any robotic system, the first procedure is to identify its requirements. The following are a set of hardware requirements to be met by this robot:

  • The robot should have a provision to carry food

  • The robot should be able to carry a maximum payload of 5 kg

  • The robot should travel at a speed between 0.25 m/s and 1 m/s

  • The ground clearance of the robot should be greater than 3 cm

  • The robot must be able to work for 2 hours continuously

  • The robot should be able to move and supply food to any table avoiding obstacles

  • The robot height should be between 40 cm and 1 meter

  • The robot should be of low cost

Now, we can identify the mechanical design requirements such as payload, moving speed, ground clearance, robot height, and the cost of the robot. We will design the body and select components accordingly. Let's discuss the robot mechanism we can use to match these requirements.