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Banana Pi Cookbook

By : Ryad El-Dajani
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Banana Pi Cookbook

By: Ryad El-Dajani

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Table of Contents (13 chapters)

Setting up a UPnP media server

In this final recipe, we are going to set up a UPnP media server. In this case, it is the DLNA server MiniDLNA (also known as ReadyMedia). For legibility reasons, we are using the old term MiniDLNA.

Getting ready

The following ingredients are required for our upcoming DLNA server:

  • A running Banana Pi with a Debian-based Linux system

  • A configured network on the Banana Pi

How to do it…

Setting up MiniDLNA is relatively simple. As always, you need to install the required package and configure some parameters. Let's do it:

  1. Open a shell on your Banana Pi.

  2. We are going to place our media files like video or audio files into a directory on our external HDD. Therefore, we create a new media directory on our NTFS partition. Make sure, that the HDD is mounted:

    $ mkdir /mnt/ntfs_partition/media
  3. Place some media files into that new directory, for example, the free Big Buck Bunny movie:

    $ cd /mnt/ntfs_partition/media
    $ wget