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Learning Raspberry Pi

By : Samarth Shah
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Learning Raspberry Pi

By: Samarth Shah

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Learning Raspberry Pi
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Chapter 2. Developing Web Applications

Modern web technologies allow web pages to be used as full-featured applications to replace traditional programs. The most important of these is AJAX, which allows a page to communicate with the server and dynamically alter web page elements. In this chapter, you will learn the basics of web development by creating a simple web page, changing its visual appearance, and making it interactive. Then, you will learn how a web server can serve dynamic pages generated by Python, before putting all of these skills together to create a media player and radio station that you can access from anywhere. We will cover the following topics in this chapter:

  • Adding page content with HTML

  • Customizing the visual appearance

  • Adding interactivity with JavaScript

  • Simplifying scripts with jQuery

  • An introduction to Python

  • Creating an Internet radio station