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Learning Raspberry Pi

By : Samarth Shah
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Learning Raspberry Pi

By: Samarth Shah

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Learning Raspberry Pi
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Chapter 7. Troubleshooting, Tips/Tricks, and Resources for Advanced Users

In this book, you were introduced to Raspberry Pi and its capability, you configured the LAMP server on Raspberry Pi, got introduced to electronics concepts, and finally, the basics of image processing and algorithm were developed and tested on Raspberry Pi. There might be instances when you wanted to know more about a certain topic or you were stuck in between. This chapter answers all those questions. In the first section, common troubleshooting techniques are mentioned. The second part of the chapter mentions some of the useful tips and tricks. Finally, the last part of this chapter has resources that will be useful if you want to go advanced with Raspberry Pi. We will cover the following topics in this chapter:

  • Troubleshooting

  • Tips and tricks

  • Resources for advanced users