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Learning BeagleBone

By : Hunyue Yau
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Learning BeagleBone

By: Hunyue Yau

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Learning BeagleBone
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Near Field Communication and the BeagleBone

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a way for new mobile devices to interact with other mobile devices, NFC tags, or to authenticate communications. NFC is not a peer-to-peer protocol. For more information on NFC, visit

Briefly, NFC works by creating a field with a low-power radio frequency transmitter on the master or server side and then monitoring it. When another NFC device or slave comes close enough to the master end, the master will see a change in the field. The roles of the master and slave can be swapped but is not necessary. Both ends communicate by controlling the way the changes occur. The following are a few key characteristics:

  • NFC works over short distances. There is no numeric value for the distance as the distance depends on the antennas used by both ends. Changing the antenna has a large effect on the distance the NFC will work.

  • The field provided by the transmitter can provide...