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Getting Started with UDOO

By : Maurizio Caporali, Emanuele Palazzetti
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Getting Started with UDOO

By: Maurizio Caporali, Emanuele Palazzetti

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Getting Started with UDOO
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Chapter 3. Testing Your Physical Application

One of the most important steps during software development is testing. When we are testing software components, we are using a testing framework to write unit tests, and maybe integration tests, that are useful to reproduce bugs and to check the expected behavior of our application. In physical applications, this process isn't so easy because we have to test how our sketch interacts with hardware circuits.

We will add to the LedLamp application all the required features to implement an easy way to find anomalies in the circuit, so that we can avoid complex debug processes.

In this chapter, we will cover the following topics:

  • Further details about electronic components and circuits

  • Adding components to a circuit so they can be tested by a sketch

  • Writing the first test for circuit debugging

  • Running the circuit test from your prototype