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Getting Started with UDOO

By : Maurizio Caporali, Emanuele Palazzetti
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Getting Started with UDOO

By: Maurizio Caporali, Emanuele Palazzetti

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Getting Started with UDOO
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Collecting data from the sketch

Now that we have a working circuit, we should start to write down our sketch to collect data from the light sensor. Then we should analyze these results and think about an algorithm to transform readings into a heartbeat counter. We should start a new sketch and add the following steps:

  1. Add the following declarations on the top of the sketch:

    #define SENSOR A0
    #define SECONDS 10
    int sensorReading = 0;

    We define the object-like macro SENSOR with a A0 value that is the pin we will use for the analog read. We set HEARTBEAT_POLL_PERIOD to specify how many milliseconds the microcontroller should wait between consecutive sensor readings. With the SECONDS parameter, we define the seconds that should elapse before we use collected data to process and estimate the heart rate. Indeed, we multiply SECONDS by 1000 to convert this value into milliseconds and then we divide it by the...