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Getting Started with UDOO

By : Maurizio Caporali, Emanuele Palazzetti
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Getting Started with UDOO

By: Maurizio Caporali, Emanuele Palazzetti

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Getting Started with UDOO
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Enhancing the prototype

Even if the prototype obtains good results, we may want more accurate readings. A great enhancement for the physical application can be reached with a better housing for the photoresistor and the bright LED. Indeed, if we can remove the environment light and make both components more stable during readings, we can have great improvements.

A good approach to achieve this goal is to use an easy-to-get component: a wooden peg. We can drill the peg in one go, so the holes are lined up. In this way, we can put the photoresistor in one hole while the LED is in the other one. The rest of components and the breadboard itself remain unaltered. The following illustration shows a wooden peg to house both the components:

Another improvement is to change and play with the algorithm parameters available in the sketch. Changing the interval and the samples number may obtain better results; however, we have to keep in mind that these changes may also get worse readings. The following...