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Getting Started with UDOO

By : Maurizio Caporali, Emanuele Palazzetti
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Getting Started with UDOO

By: Maurizio Caporali, Emanuele Palazzetti

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Getting Started with UDOO
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Building a web radio with physical interaction

Microcontrollers aren't designed for complicated work, so we need to be careful to partition the needs of our project to the right environments. For a web radio, we can use the microcontroller to read the knobs and switches, and let the Android APIs and UDOO's powerful CPU do the rest. This will keep Android from getting distracted while reading the hardware, and will prevent the microcontroller from getting overloaded with the complications of network streaming and playback.

The first part of our prototype is to build a circuit and write a sketch that collects values from two potentiometers and a push button:

  • We use the first potentiometer to change the active radio station and to increase or decrease the audio volume

  • We use the physical button to control the radio playback

In this way, we're removing all interactions done through the Android user interface.

As the first step, grab two potentiometers and connect them to the board so that we can...