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Raspberry Pi Sensors

By : Rushi Gajjar
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Raspberry Pi Sensors

By: Rushi Gajjar

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Raspberry Pi Sensors
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Image processing

Have you ever tried to look at an image by zooming it to a maximum level? It just looks like a floor with organized tiles and colorful patterns on it. These square tiles in the image are known as pixels. Basically, an image is a group of such pixels, with each pixel containing a particular value of color, which forms the recognizable patterns by providing information to the human eye. It all depends on how humans perceive the image by observing shapes and colors. Each pixel in an image contains information that can be generated from a byte (8 bits) or a couple of bytes, which defines the depth of an image. Depth of an image is nothing but the number of bits present in a single pixel. Current display monitors and graphics engines support up to 64-bit depth of images. Basic types of images are binary, grayscale, and RGB, and many more such as HSV, HLS, and YCC are known types. A grayscale image does have the range of values from 0 to 255 in the 8-bit mode, while a binary image...