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Building Wireless Sensor Networks Using Arduino

By : Matthijs Kooijman
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Building Wireless Sensor Networks Using Arduino

By: Matthijs Kooijman

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Storing your data in the cloud

When it comes to storing your data somewhere online, there are literally dozens of online platforms that offer some kind of data storage service aimed at collecting sensor data. Each of these has different features, complexity, and cost, and you are encouraged to have a look around at what is available.

Even though a lot of platforms are available, almost none of them are really suited for a hobby sensor network such as the one presented in this book. Most platforms support the basic collection of data and offer a Web API to access the data, but there were two requirements that ruled out most of the platforms:

  1. It has to be affordable for a home user with just a bit of data. Ideally, there is a free version to get started.

  2. It has to support creating a dashboard that can show data and graphs, but can also show input elements that can be used to talk back to the network (this will be used in the next chapter to create an online thermostat).

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