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Building Wireless Sensor Networks Using Arduino

By : Matthijs Kooijman
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Building Wireless Sensor Networks Using Arduino

By: Matthijs Kooijman

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Anvirup Basu is currently a student pursuing his B.Tech in electronics and communication engineering from the Siliguri Institute of Technology. Besides academics, he is actively involved in robotics, IoT, and mobile application development. Since the first year, he has been involved with Microsoft as a Microsoft Student Partner and organized three seminars and workshops on the various Microsoft technologies, mainly for Windows phones and the Windows app development.

Being enthusiastic about robotics and Microsoft technologies, he has developed several robots, both autonomous and manual, and a couple of manual robot controllers, some of which are the Universal Robot Controller for Windows PCs and Mark 1 pilot for Windows phones. He is also into computer vision and has worked on the detection of wild animals. Automated Elephant Tracker is one of his projects, in the journal named International journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering &Technology, under International Association for Engineering and Management Education, which includes his works on robotics and computer vision.

His website,, holds some of his work and one may get in contact with him there. Being a part-time blogger, he blogs about topics he is interested in. Currently, he is working on autonomous robot control using SONAR and GPS. He dreams about doing research and development in his areas of interest.

Roberto Gallea, PhD, has been a computer science researcher since 2007 at the University of Palermo, Italy. He is committed to researching fields such as medical imaging, multimedia, and computer vision. In 2012, he started enhancing his academic and personal projects with the use of analog and digital electronics and with a particular involvement in the open source hardware and software platforms, such as the Arduino. Besides his academic interests, he conducts personal projects, which are aimed at producing handcrafted items such as musical instruments, furniture, and LED devices using embedded invisible electronics. He also collaborates with contemporary dance companies on digital scenes and costume designing.

Vincent Gijsen is an all-round type of a guy. With a bachelor's degree in embedded systems, a masters in information science, work experience in a Big Data start-up, and being currently active as a security officer and cyber security consultant in industrial and infrastructure environments, he has a broad range of interests. In his spare time, he likes to fiddle with lasers, microcontrollers, and other related electronics.

I would like to thank Packt Publishing for their pleasant cooperation and their ability always present interesting reads to review like: Storm Blueprints: Patterns for Distributed Real-Time Computation, and Arduino Development Cookbook as well as my girlfriend: Lisa-Anne, for her support.

Randy Schur is a graduate student in mechanical engineering at the George Washington University. He has experience working with the Arduino, robotics, and rapid prototyping, and has worked on the book Arduino Computer Vision Programming by Packt Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

Fangzhou Xia is currently pursuing a master's degree in mechanical engineering (ME) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He received his bachelor's degree in ME from the University of Michigan (UM) and a bachelor's degree in electrical and computer engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). His areas of interest in mechanical engineering include system control, robotics, product design, and manufacturing automation. His areas of interest in electrical engineering include Web application development, embedded system implementation, and data acquisition system setup.