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Arduino Essentials
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A greenhouse controller

This project aims to control and automate all aspects in a theoretical greenhouse that has a number of sensors, which provide information regarding the environment and act on a number of devices as a reaction to changes in its environment.

To begin designing, connecting, and programming our controller, let's begin by clearly setting out what we expect of such a system by creating a simple list of the functions it should accomplish.

The controller requirements

In general terms, the controller should monitor and control the most common variables that could affect such an installation:

  • Air temperature

  • Soil humidity

  • Direct solar lighting

Secondly, the controller will also offer an alarm mechanism that could be manually triggered by a person inside the greenhouse in case of an emergency.

Modular design

To accomplish the previous requirements, we will divide the complete greenhouse controller into four main different modules or subsystems:

  • Temperature: It is perhaps the most important...