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Arduino Essentials

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Arduino Essentials
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An ambient light meter circuit

Here, you have my proposed circuit to be used as our first analog input example:

An ambient light meter circuit schematic

It has a voltage divider consisting of the photocell and a 10K ohm load resistor as the input circuit, just like the one I showed you in the previous section.

Regarding the output part of this circuit and trying to keep things simple, I have reused the assembly of the traffic light, but this time, we will use it as a level indicator with four possible states: low, medium, high, and maximum, being represented by none, one, two, or three turned-on LEDs.

From the point of view of used pins, I have connected the three LEDs to digital pins 11, 12, and 13 and the voltage divider to analog input 0.

Breadboard connections

At this point in our work, I assume that you will be very accustomed to working with the breadboard, but in case you still have some doubts or the schematic is not clear enough for you, here you have the breadboard connection diagram...