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Arduino Essentials

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Arduino Essentials

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Arduino Essentials
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Sending data to Arduino

What we have seen till now is just one half of a serial communication; we have simply sent data from the Arduino to our computer. In this new example, we will revisit the motor speed control project of Chapter 6, Analog Inputs to Feel between All and Nothing, and replace the potentiometer by our computer in the sense to use it as a way to vary the motor speed, and take advantage of this new control method to incorporate two new possibilities:

  • Totally stop the motor

  • Make it run at full throttle

Since we are not going to use the input side of the previously mentioned project, we only need to connect a motor to Arduino as we already saw in Chapter 4, Controlling Outputs Softly with Analog Outputs, and I'll include that schematic here again for better understanding:

Connection of a motor to Arduino to be controlled via a serial communication

The complete code of the sketch we are going to use for this data-sending example is as follows:

 Chapter 08 - Communicating with others...