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Intel Galileo Blueprints

By : Marco Schwartz
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Intel Galileo Blueprints

By: Marco Schwartz

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Intel Galileo Blueprints
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Setting Up the Galileo Board and the Development Environment

Hardware and software requirements

First, you need to get all the required components for this project.

Here are the details of the different components used in this chapter's project:

  • The Ethernet connection for the Galileo board is made through the RJ45 connector, so ensure that you have a RJ45 cable around.

  • We will also use a TMP36 sensor that is a low voltage (2.7V to 5.5V) precision Centigrade temperature sensor. It has a scale factor of 10mV/ degree Celsius and an accuracy of +/- 2 degree Celsius over temperature.

  • The photocell used in this project has a light resistance of about 1k Ohm and a dark resistance of about 10k Ohm.

  • The other components that we will need are breadboard, male/male jumper wires, and a MicroSD card that is at least 4GB.

Here is a list of all the components used in this chapter: