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Learning JavaScript Robotics

By : Kassandra Perch
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Learning JavaScript Robotics

By: Kassandra Perch

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Learning JavaScript Robotics
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As we near the end of this book, I'll address the questions that I get most often: Where do I go from here? What do I build? Who do I ask for help?

As for what to build, you can do as I do. I keep a small notebook with me, although I also use my phone to record thoughts—I think about the small things I'd like to have in my day-to-day life. What problems can I solve? What would look cool? I write down these problems or wants and go over them later. Can I fix this with a NodeBot, I ask myself. If I can, awesome! I have my next project. I think you'll find you have more ideas than you thought you did with this method.

Once you've built something, write about it! The NodeBots community loves to see how you built something. Don't worry if it's not the next terrain-navigating hexapod; we'd like to see how you built your Internet-connected Christmas lights or your automatic dog-feeder. You can never have too many examples for people to look at, and one of the best ways to contribute...