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Building Apple Watch Projects

By : Stuart Grimshaw
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Building Apple Watch Projects

By: Stuart Grimshaw

Overview of this book

With Apple’s eagerly anticipated entry into the wearable arena, the field is wide open for a new era of app development. The Apple Watch is one of the most important technologies of our time. This easy-to-understand book takes beginners on a delightful journey of discovering the features available to the developer, right up to the completion of medium-level projects ready for App Store submission. It provides the fastest way to develop real-world apps for the Apple Watch by teaching you the concepts of Watch UI, visual haptic and audio, message and data exchange between watch and phone, Web communication, and finally Visual, haptic as well as audio feedback for users. By the end of this book, you will have developed at least four fully functioning apps for deployment on watchOS 2.
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Building Apple Watch Projects
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Testing and tweaking

One of the hardest things in developing software is testing its functionality to the limit. There is something inherently difficult about trying to provoke your own code into failing your own tests, but it is absolutely imperative that you cover as many as possible of the scenarios that the app could come up against. Users are so unpredictable.

The first test

With a simple app such as this one, this is not such an insuperable task. Play the game over and over, trying to catch not only the usual sequence of actions that you expect your users to go through, but also all those niggly edge cases, such as:

  • User fails at the first guess

  • User taps incessantly on the screen

  • User manages an incredibly long sequence (pen and paper might help—or just a lot of practice)

  • User switches to a different app and then returns

  • Anything else you can think of

  • Anything that anybody else can think of

The first bug

Now, if you have tested your creation on a real Apple Watch, you may have noticed that...