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Internet of Things Programming with JavaScript

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Internet of Things Programming with JavaScript

Overview of this book

The Internet of Things is taking the tech world by storm, and JavaScript is at its helm. This book will get you to grips with this exciting new technology. Where do Node.js, HTML5 and Windows 10 IoT Core come in with JavaScript and IoT? Why Raspberry Pi Zero rather than Arduino? How do you configure and build an IoT network from scratch? All your IoT JavaScript questions are answered in this book.
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Internet of Things Programming with JavaScript
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Chapter 1. Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Zero

Before building several projects for a home security system and the control of domestic appliances by electronically controlled systems, in this chapter, we're going to go into an initial configuration and prepare our Raspberry Pi Zero to work in a network, so you can use it for all the projects we will see in this book.

Before we go through the projects, build our network with the devices, and connect our sensor to the boards, it's important to understand the configuration of the Raspberry Pi. The main idea of this chapter is to explain how to set up your Raspberry Pi Zero; we will cover the following topics:

  • Setting up Raspberry Pi Zero

  • Preparing the SD card

  • Installing the Raspbian operating system

  • Configuring your Raspberry Pi Zero with a serial console cable

  • Accessing the network remotely

  • Accessing via remote desktop

  • Configuring a web server