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Designing Purpose-Built Drones for Ardupilot Pixhawk 2.1

By : Ty Audronis
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Designing Purpose-Built Drones for Ardupilot Pixhawk 2.1

By: Ty Audronis

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The Ardupilot platform is an application ecosystem that encompasses various OS projects for drone programming, flight control, and advanced functionalities.The Ardupilot platform supports many Comms and APIs, such as DroneKit, ROS, and MAVLink. It unites OS drone projects to provide a common codebase. With the help of this book, you will have the satisfaction of building a drone from scratch and exploring its many recreational uses (aerial photography, playing, aerial surveillance, and so on). This book helps individuals and communities build powerful UAVs for both personal and commercial purposes. You will learn to unleash the Ardupilot technology for building, monitoring, and controlling your drones.This is a step-by-step guide covering practical examples and instructions for assembling a drone, building ground control unit using microcontrollers, QgroundControl, and MissionPlanner. You can further build robotic applications on your drone utilizing critical software libraries and tools from the ROS framework. With the help of DroneKit and MAVLink (for reliable communication), you can customize applications via cloud and mobile to interact with your UAV.
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Setting up for tuning

Much like the multirotor version of Ardupilot, fixed wing (Arduplane) has an autotune mode. It works very differently from the autotune of the multicopter. Before we get into the specific details of autotune for fixed wing, let's take a look at how flight modes in Arduplane work.

Fixed wing flight modes

You'll recognize many of the flight modes in the Arduplane interface from Arducopter. However, many of them work quite differently. And that's understandable. After all, a fixed-wing aircraft must keep moving to keep aloft. Here is a summary of the fixed-wing flight modes:

  • MANUAL: Consider this making the airplane dumb. In this mode, Pixhawk's features are essentially off. You're flying the airplane as you would any other RC aircraft.
  • STABILIZE: This mode offers basic stabilization. You're still flying the plane on manual control, but Pixhawk will make minor corrections for turbulence and wind. Also, upon releasing the sticks, the airplane will level itself out.
  • Fly By Wire_A...